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    CNC Machining
    Swiss Screw Machining is a CNC machining process which produces precision turned parts to very tight tolerances, fine finishes and bearing surfaces. Often the process is used on very small diameter and small size parts for high end instrumentation and measuring devices. Swiss Screw machining was originally developed to produce precision timepiece components.
    PolAIR Fog 
    Using Automatic and CNC Swiss Screw machines allows the Vallorbs Jewel Company to provide you with top quality parts at the tightest tolerances around.

    Serving the industry for over 70 years Vallorbs has enjoyed an enviable reputation for producing precision Swiss screw machine products at the most competitive costs. We have the equipment and the experienced technicians to produce complex shapes in any machinable material up to 1.250” in diameter.

    Do you have a part that needs some special attention? Give us a challenge!