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    Vallorbs specializes in precision CNC Swiss screw machine parts at tight tolerances and hard-to-machine materials. Learn more about our reliable performance and efficient machining methods. Read our case studies, news, and other resources below. For questions or a request for quote, click here.

    TIP SHEET | Consistent Thread Geometry Tip Sheet

    Did you know that certain machining methods compromise thread consistency? Traditional thread cutting can create inaccuracies and slow production. Thread rolling is a superior method; hardened steel dies used to roll threads do not have sharpened edges. Rolling is continuous, so geometry remains the same throughout production. To learn more, click here.

    Eliminate Galling Tip Sheet

    ARTICLE | Vallorbs’ Article Published in Product Design & Development

    Vallorbs’ feature article, “Preventing Costly Failures of Threaded Parts Through Galling Elimination,” was recently published in the digital version of Product Design and Development magazine and featured in their daily e-newsletter. PDD has market-leading online audience of 110,000+ design engineers across a wide variety of industries. For the full article, click here.

    Eliminate Galling Tip Sheet

    TIP SHEET | Major Medical Design Publication Features Vallorbs’ Tip Sheet

    Vallorbs’ Eliminating Galling Tip Sheet was featured on Medical Design Briefs magazine’s Month-End Industry News for December 2015. Medical Design Briefs is the #1 publication for OEM design engineers and managers in the medical market with an exposure of 92,000+! Check it out under the “Miscellaneous” section of the newsfeed. click here.

    Eliminate Galling Tip Sheet

    TIP SHEET | Eliminate Galling: Rolled vs. Cut Threads

    Galling is wear caused by the sliding and friction between two metal surfaces and can lead to the costly loosening, seizing, and failure of fasteners and threaded parts. Specifying rolled threads is one effective preventive strategy. To learn more about galling and the possible elimination solutions, click here.


    VALLORBS Guide Cut vs Rolled Threads

    TIP SHEET | Choosing the Best Threading Method for Your Threaded Machined Part

    Many product designers are unaware that specifying rolled vs. cut threads in an RFQ will have a significant impact on the quality, strength, and cost of their small machined part. To learn more about the advantages of specifying the threading method prior to design, click here.

    VALLORBS PFA Seat Case Study

    CASE STUDY | $250,000+ Annual Savings for Precision CNC Swiss Screw Machined Part

    A customer’s original machining process for a small, complex part resulted in a 50% defect rate and a time-consuming 4-part process. Vallorbs used its free machining analysis to reduce the number of steps, eliminate cost, and reduce the scrap rate to 0.94%.
    Read more.

    VALLORBS Swiss Screw Machining Partner Checklist

    TIP SHEET | How to Choose a CNC Swiss Screw Machining Partner

    If your part is complex, requires the use of challenging material, or requires part-to-part consistency or extremely tight tolerances, you will want to review your CNC Swiss screw machining partner options carefully. To learn more about what to ask each potential partner on your list, click here.


    VALLORBS Achieves ISO 9001-2008 Certification

    News | Vallorbs Achieves ISO 9001:2008 certification.

    Vallorbs achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification of its quality management system. Read more.

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