• Secondary Operations

    Precision turned components process

    Tiny parts we have created

    Vallorbs Jewel Co has experienced technicians and the technical capability to perform numerous secondary operations such as, milling, broaching, gun drilling, thread rolling, as well as a variety of surface finishing for screw-machined parts. Small components are finished to super fine or rough textures through high quality burnishing, lapping, and surface grinding.

    Offering micro finishes down to 4 µ inches (0.10 µ M finish) makes our lapping services distinctive for small intricate parts. We use a Sunnen MBB-1650 Horizontal Honing Machine to provide internal honing, with light abrasives such as silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, cubic boron nitride (CBN), as well as diamond hone stones.

    I wish more companies took pride in customer satisfaction like Vallorbs.
    Their quality and delivery ratings for the past two years has been 100%.


    Give us a challenge:

    Thread Roller

    Thread Rolling/ Knurling

    Diameters ranging from .078” to 2” and up to 3” in length. Thread pitches from 7 to 56 TPI and thread tolerances that exceed customer expectations.Knurled parts with intricate patterns.

    Gun Driller

    Gun Drilling

    Capabilities are .078” to 1.250” diameter and up to 11” uninterrupted depth with clamping capabilities on round, square or hexagon stock.

    Centerless grinding

    Centerless Grinding

    Tolerances to +/-.0001 and diameters from 1/16” to 3 1/2”.


    Finishes down to 4µ inches (0.10um).


    Our capabilities are diameters from .025 to .5 with lengths up to 1.000” and finishes down to 12µ inches (0.30um).